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Dr. Iykya K (born august 11), known professionally as IYKKI BERRY, is a HIP HOP ARTIST, RAPPER, singer, songwriter, actress, celebrity cosmetic surgeon, social activist and television personality, who is an Indo - Grecian though Dr. Berry was Born and raised in Tanjore, India. She became an Internet celebrity after several of her posts, music videos and RAP SONGS became viral on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. After becoming a doctor, she continued her passion of song writing along with medicine and called as one of the finest RAP ARTIST s in HIP HOP, R&B and RAP MUSIC.

Iykki Berry has collaborated with American singer BadGhalrhe in the singles "You Don't Care", "I Know The Day"., American Rapper KA$HE in " Humour Policy".,  Italian Singer Eperia in "SINE 1991".,  Atlantan Music Prodcuer Aaron Devon in "Dragon", Atlantan Music Producer NewBourneMusik in "Do It Big"., She is very much appreciated by the music producers as one of the powerful INDIAN RAPPER s.  "Nalai Namadhe" a revolutionary Tamil Music video has portrayed Iykki Berry into a revolutionary Fashionista and made her the only FEMALE RAPPER to get nominated in VIMA International Music Awards.

 Dev Major collaboration "Kings Are Back" made her the sensational female artist to get nominated in International Tamil Music Award.

Among her numerous accolades, Iykki Berry has won a Yuva Kala Bharathi Award, First Tamil Female Rapper Songwriter in 2014 India, Iconic LADY RAPPER, and Rock performer in Guinness World Records.

 Right from the age of 12, she started to listen Michael Jackson's songs which inspired her to pursue a career in music "I grew up by listening his music and their songs were my companion". 

During the early stages of her career, Berry's musical style gravitated towards pop, R&B, HIPHOP MUSIC. She aspired to be as successful as Katy Perry especially her "Teenage Dreams". Iykki Berry is inspired by Nicki Minaj, to whom she has referred as her "Rapper Queen". 

Iykki Berry is known for her tuned rapping style in a thick voice and her unique flow. And heartily called as the powerful LADY RAPPER  Her rapping is distinctive for its accent and the use of alter egos and social cause in English and Tamil. Well her English Rap accent is a mixture of British, American and Jamaican primarily that gives her a unique accent so called "iykkish accent". She often both sings and raps in her songs and combines metaphorspunch lines, and word play into her work. Her songs comprises elements of hiphop, trapedm, electronica, and R&B

Iykki Berry conducts awareness programs against alcoholism, smoking and skin protection and organises free medical camps for the people below the poverty line. Through the Berry Glow ,Skin,Hair and Laser Cosmetic Clinic, people with scars are treated without charges with the help of organisations.

Iykki Berry teamed up with Music Producer Dev Major, TKA STUDIOS, Submarine Mix & Master Studio  to encourage and work with (in IYKKI BERRY's Projects) new technichians, young talented musicians, upcoming directors, talented dancers, models who are waiting for their opportunities, 

In early 2019, Iykki Berry also joined other young social activists  to support the tribal children's education, their basic needs and also to support wildlife through various organisations. In a recent interview she also mentioned "We are looking for the huge support from the youngsters and college students, as they are gonna be the future pillars of our nation. The fund, we rise through our concerts and shows are going to help those poor tribal children and also for the wildlife protection."




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